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Green Brook Flood Control Project

To alleviate flooding in Bound Brook, the NJDEP and Army Corps of Engineers teamed up to design the Green Brook Flood Control Project. Consisting of an array of structural and non-structural flood control options, including levees, concrete flood walls, flood gates and pumping stations, the project spanned over 2 miles in length with a total cost that exceeded $30 million.

Scafar Contracting completed multiple stages of the project, including the R2 levee, R2 Concrete Floodwall, R2 Pump Station, Railroad Closure Structure and Diversion Culvert Pipes. Work took place near an active railway, requiring special provisions to ensure safety for both the workers and NJ Transit riders. Over 200,000 cubic yards of soil was moved to complete the earth levee, designed to meet 150-year flood levels.

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